Enhancing resilience to earthquake in Kyrgyzstan

An earthquake is a natural phenomenon with destructive power, an unpredictable natural disaster that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. Earthquakes occur everywhere and it is virtually impossible to determine exactly where, at what time this natural phenomenon will occur.

At the first tremors of an earthquake, a person often experiences fear and does not know how to behave. Some fall into a panic and begin to run without a goal, others on the contrary remain in a stupor. During an earthquake it is very important to act, thought out and coordinate, since there is very little time.

Geographically, Bishkek is located in a seismically dangerous zone, is one of the densely populated cities of Kyrgyzstan, these factors make Bishkek more vulnerable in the event of an earthquake. In this regard, the National Red Crescent Society offers training in earthquake preparation and first aid.

Description of the training: • Duration of training - 120 minutes, • Obtaining basic knowledge about the earthquake, • Behavioral skills training before, during and after an earthquake is conducted by experienced trainers • Drawing up a personal and family plan for emergencies, recommendations for its drafting, • "An alarm case" • Practical exercises for working out the received knowledge, Registration for training and additional information: Mob .: +996 554 29 08 83, e-mail: a.toktomambetova@redcrescent.kg

Contact person - Asel Toktomambetova