Become member of Red Crescent

Any person who has a desire to participate in the activities of RCSK, accepting the organization's humanitarian mission and the Fundamental Principles of the Movement, and having the desire to contribute to the development of society, can become a full member of the Society.

Members of the Society are persons who have reached the age of 18 citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic or foreign citizens, stateless persons who recognize the Charter of RCSK, who voluntarily take an active part in the activities of RCSK, having corresponding rights and duties, and paying annual membership fees.

Any citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, a foreign citizen or a stateless person, regardless of his nationality, language, race, sex, class, religion, social origin and political opinions, who shares the Fundamental Principles that recognizes RCSK’s Charter and who pays an annual membership fee, can be a member of the Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan , or those who provide any other support and voluntary services. Members do not have ownership of the property transferred to them, including membership fees.

Membership in RCSK  is voluntary.

Membership in RCSK  is certified by a single ticket approved by the Bureau of RCSK. Duplication and numbering of membership cards is carried out by the headquarters of RCSK, and direct delivery to the accepted members of the Society  is provided by heads of RCSK offices, who accepted the applicant as a member of the Society.

A member of the Society who has been actively involved in the activities of RCSK  for many years, or one whose contribution to the development of the Society has been recognized as very significant, can be recognized as an Honorary Member of RCSK.