Brieg report on EQ in the south region

The earthquake covered 6 districts of Osh oblast: Kara Suu, Alai, Kara-Kulja, Aravan and Chon Alai.
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When the earthquake struck that night I grabbed my children and ran out of the shaking house

Gulbaira Askarova, a 44-year-old mother of four children, lost her husband 5 years ago. Now, she has lost her home to the 6.7-magnitude earthquake which struck the Osh Province of Kyrgyzstan at 23:29 of 17 November.
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NDRT continues to distribute humanitarian aid

The Red Crescent of Kyrgyzstan continues to distribute humanitarian aid to families affected by the disaster in the south of the country.
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International day for disaster risk reduction

13 October 2015, Jalal-Abad, Naryn – The knowledge of disaster preparedness and management, practical skills of basic First Aid, and proper behavior in emergency were demonstrated by students in the practical exercises.
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Helping everybody

More than 30 people who applied to the humanitarian aid service received food, dry food and clothing.
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Making world better

A humanitarian action to collect clothes and shoes for people in need was held on Saturday
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Учения в преддверии профессионального праздника спасателей

В преддверии празднования Дня спасателя на базе тренировочного полигона Министерства чрезвычайных ситуаций Кыргызской Республики, который находится в с.Учар Ошской области, 26 июня было проведено показательное выступление, целью которого стало продемонстрировать взаимодействие добровольно-спасательных команд Лейлекского района Баткенской области и профессиональных спасателей МЧС КР в случае возникновения чрезвычайной ситуации.
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Simulation exercises

On June 23, simulations took place in the village of Kara-Suu, Naryn oblast, during which the skills of responding to emergencies, first aid, and rescue operations were developed.
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