humanitarian assistance for Uzgen and Alai

Residents receive humanitarian assistance: Uzgen and Alai

333 families affected by the earthquakes in the Osh region received humanitarian assistance from the National Red Crescent Society of the Kyrgyz Republic (NCCP KR). In close cooperation with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the administrations of the affected areas, the Red Crescent distributed essentials.

20151121_RCSK_NFI Dist_KabylanKol of Alai District.jpg

Blankets, kitchen utensils, hygiene kits received 160 families affected in Kara-Suu, 122 families in Alai and 51 families in Uzgen District. The Society mobilized its National Disaster Response Team (NCRB) to support the response to earthquake consequences. In addition, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, two mobile clinics were mobilized in the affected regions.

Members of the NCRB participate in joint needs assessments conducted by several agencies, and also distribute humanitarian aid.

RCSK coordinates its actions at different levels through established coordination mechanisms, such as coordination meetings of the Ministry for Emergency Situations and the Coordination Group for Emergency Response (DRCU). To date, more than 4,000 families have been affected by the earthquake that occurred last week in the Osh region.


State institutions, including the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Health, local governments, as well as local and international NGOs, join their efforts in providing assistance and solving the urgent needs of the affected population.